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Call Us Today to Advertise at the Sun Bowl Fan Fiesta (Attendance: 20,000 People)

(915) 922-7200

We don't just go where the market is, We GO where the market is going

Invade the streets, events, parties, conventions, trade shows, wherever—with El Paso Media Walking Ads. People will flock, crowds will form and a simple mobile effort becomes a full blown event whenever our TV-wearing models come into the scene.

This is a high-tech form of ambient advertising that reaches and excites people where they live, work, play and gather. It can be specifically targeted to penetrate the very center of the market you are trying to reach.

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Bars / Nightclubs / Shopping Centers / Flyer Campaigns / Trade Shows / Parties / Concerts / Festivals / Product Launches / Events / Sporting Events / Conventions